Happy Birthday, Joycie!

Today, I lift a toast and pay tribute to one of the best.  Happy Birthday, Joyce Compton!

My favorite Joyce Compton portrait from the silent era

Born this day (January 27) in 1907, Joyce’s career in films extended from the mid-1920s into the 1950s. In the early 1990s, she and I put together her memoirs. Check it out, if you haven’t.  https://michaelgankerich.wordpress.com/the-real-joyce-compton-behind-the-dumb-blonde-movie-image/

To commemorate her special day, I offer this photo essay on her extraordinary life.

Joyce, age 7, in Dallas, Texas

Joyce was a huge movie fan growing up.  While a teenager in the mid-West, she was always posing and imaging herself in front of the movie cameras.

Joyce, a bathing beauty in Oklahoma

In 1925, the Comptons sold their home in Oklahoma, packed their belongings, and headed west to Hollywood. It was time to give little Joyce a chance.

Joyce, at a campground somewhere between Oklahoma and Hollywood.

Mae Murray was Joyce’s favorite movie star. She imitated her pose and hairstyle.

Joyce was soon under contract to First National.

Under contract to First National

She was named a Wampas Baby Star in 1926. Joyce is fourth from the right.  How many other actresses can you name?

Joyce Compton, fourth from the right
Joyce (R) with Corinne Griffith in Syncopating Sue (1926)

Joyce was placed under contract to Fox in the late 1920s. They were determined to change her image to that of a siren.

A smoldering Joyce Compton

There was talk about teaming her with Charles Farrell.

Joyce and Charles Farrell
Joyce (R) with Helen Chandler, George O’Brien (foreground), and William Janney in Salute (1929).

Joyce found her niche in the early 1930s when she became a blonde and concentrated on comedy.

Perhaps her most finest role was as Dixie in The Awful Truth with Cary Grant.

Joyce plays Cary Grant’s girlfriend in The Awful Truth.

In addition to acting, Joyce was also a gifted artist. Here is a self portrait.

A self portrait
Candid shot of Joyce at Lake Arrowhead in the late 1940s.

Joyce was an animal lover from childhood. Here she is with her beloved Taj.

Joyce and Taj

When fans sent Joyce photos and asked for her autograph, she usually included homemade prayer cards with her favorite Bible verses.

Prayer card
Joyce celebrates her birthday in 1993 at the Motion Picture Home.

Joyce passed away on October 21, 1997. She is buried at Forest Lawn — Hollywood Hills.

We miss you, Joycie!  Happy Birthday!

A classic Joyce Compton

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