Mae travels to Europe.

Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips

By Michael G. Ankerich

Mae Murray was a master at covering her tracks. She could practically erase her past and put inquirers on a trail that led in circles. To put it mildly, the movie star was a nightmare for film historians looking into her personal life.

While researching and writing Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips, I was elated when I came across a historical document that put her life or travels into perspective.

One such document was director Robert Z. Leonard’s passport application. Mae Murray, his wife, is included in the request. It’s an intriguing document. It shows Mae had already started altering her year of birth a bit.

The year was 1920. Mae was gold at the box office. She had married Bob Leonard several years before. They were a perfect team, a winning success together.

In the summer of 1920, after Mae’s work on Idols of…

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