Miss Lillian and the First Lady Offer Advice

Yeah, yeah, I know this blog is supposed to be about silent film personalities, but I did warn you in the beginning to expect me to occasionally stray from the path. This is one of those times, the week of the Democratic Convention.

In keeping with the festivities going on in Charlotte, North Carolina, I wanted to share some of my treasures from a First Family.

When I was a budding teenager, I wrote letters to scores of personalities asking them for advice that they would give to a young man just starting out in the world.  Over the years, I have thought of the notes I received from former First Lady Rosalyn Carter and Miss Lillian, the President’s mother.  I must have read them a thousand times.  Now, as a middle-aged gent, I can say the words they offered were (and are) sound advice.

Here’s what the First Lady had to say …..



Here I am with Ms. Carter in the late 1990s in Plains.

The First Lady and Michael


Here’s what Miss Lillian sent my way …



Here’s a little something I received from Amy while the Carters were in the White House …



And, of course, the President himself.  I’ve been in his Sunday School class in Plains at least three times over the years.  His wisdom and generosity over the years continue to amaze me.

Here’s photo he signed when working on a Habitat for Humanity House.



5 thoughts on “Miss Lillian and the First Lady Offer Advice

  1. As a child of Republicans in the ’70s, and an apolitical for much of my life, I only really began to admire and respect President Carter in the 1990s. For that, I feel I missed much of what went before. But once I woke up, BOY did I wake up! Now a tried and true yella dog.

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