Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

Way back in the early 1980’s, before I started interviewing the remaining silent film stars, I was talking with country music performers. I’ve told you that before. Remember my post about Loretta Lynn?  As a young journalism student, I did some freelancing for my local newspaper.

Sylvia was hot when I met her in Athens, GA, in 1983.  She had just released her second album and was riding the crest of fame with her biggest hit, Nobody.

I showed up at the concert hall three or four hours before her performance.  The star was rehearsing and doing a sound check with her band. I waited around, getting my own private concert.  I specifically remember her singing  Snapshot, her eyes closed, lost in the rhythm of her latest hit.  When she finished, she walked over and sat down at a table with me.  Sylvia and I had a nice chat that afternoon.  She was very charming and loaded with personality.

Today is her birthday!  

Happy Birthday, Sylvia!  You’re still one of my favorites!


Sylvia and Michael, 1983

Sylvia and Michael, 1983








2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

  1. “Happy Birthday” Sylvia, Michael is Spot on when he says ‘Your Hot’ ………….
    Michael, she’s on Fire ! Ssssssmokin’ !
    Great Photo’s and Article,

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