Mae Murray — The Movie?

Could it be that Mae Murray: The Girl with the Bee-Stung Lips is headed for the big screen?

Maybe!  The publisher and I got our first nibble this morning. An independent filmmaker read the Murray bio and is interested in developing a screenplay and film about her life.  Certainly, nothing definite, but some movement forward, wouldn’t you say?

Perhaps it’s a bit too premature, but I can’t help but wonder, who would play Mae Murray in all her glory?



Through the years, Mae had various ideas of her own.

In the 1940s, she was once in talks with Twentieth Century-Fox about Betty Grable bringing her story to a new generation. Those plans crumbled.

Betty Grable as Mae Murray?

Betty Grable as Mae Murray?

When The Self-Enchanted, Mae’s biography by Jane Ardmore was released in 1959,  Marilyn Monroe was Mae’s first choice. That didn’t happen, either! Neither did the book buy Mae and Ardmore castles in Spain, as Mae had predicted.

Marilyn Monroe as Mae Murray?

Marilyn Monroe as Mae Murray?

I’m a huge Monroe fan, but I never saw MM playing MM.  Perhaps Grable would have been more believable as Mae in the late 1940s, I don’t know.

Here it is 2013.  Who would play Mae Murray on the screen? Sharon Stone (too tall) and Drew Barrymore were my first thoughts.  Can’t you tell I’m out of touch with today’s female vamps and sirens?

So, Mae Murray fans, who would be your choice?


14 thoughts on “Mae Murray — The Movie?

  1. I have often thought that Madonna would be the perfect Mae Murray on screen…though Madonna may be a bit old now. Hey, why not a documentary with Michael G. Ankerich as producer?

  2. I would love to see your book turned into s movie Michael. I would Suggest Michelle Williams fresh off her success of playing Marilyn Monroe in My week with Marilyn play Mae.

  3. ‘Mae Murray – The Movie’: I would immediately go the the theater to watch it. May I give three suggestions on who could play the leading role? 1.Eva Green; 2. Rachel Weisz and 3. Renee Zellweger! 🙂

  4. I would suggest Charlize Theron, too. She’s very versatile and has classical fine features. Renee Zellweger look too “Botox” to me.

  5. What’s with these “too old” comments for various actresses, Mae Murray was 40 at the peak of her career!! And then I would imagine quite a bit of such a film would take place post-movies when she was in late middle age and beyond. I’d much rather see an actress with a few years on her as the younger Mae than a too young woman under absurd makeup in her later years. I’ve always thought Michelle Pfeiffer would be perfect in a Mae Murray biopic, beautiful but haughty,a touch frosty but with a great streak of humor.

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