A fauvism style portrait of Lottie Pickford

Lottie Pickford

Just finished a portrait in the fauvism style of Lottie Pickford, the sister of Mary and Jack. You can read about Lottie’s tragic life in my book, Hairpins and Dead Ends: The Perilous Journeys of 25 Actresses Through Early Hollywood.

What symbolism do you see in the painting?

9×12 oil on wood

Lottie Pickford

6 responses to “A fauvism style portrait of Lottie Pickford”

  1. Michael, You probably don’t remember me, but long ago you contacted me about my great aunt Clara Whipple – relative to an old Hollywood collection of profiles you were authoring. I always enjoyed your web site. Ultimately (to my disappointment), I was apparently dropped off your distribution. BUT……. this (below) just arrived – to my pleasant surprise! I hope I can remain on this distribution. Speaking of my great aunt (Clara) my other great aunt (Janie Whipple Kerchner) is still alive and lives in Mars, Pennsylvania. She is in her 90s but remains sharp as a tack if you want to talk to her about Clara. Her phone number is 321-987-5562. I was living in State College, PA when you first contacted me. Following my 20-year military career I moved to State College for a second career at Penn State University. My three kids were raised there, but after they left we decided to move to Landenberg, PA (50 minutes south of Philadelphia) to make it easier for them to get home. State College was 3.5 hours to anywhere by car! My middle child holds a doctorate in music from USC and lives north of San Francisco where he is an assistant professor of music and also a jazz recording artist (saxophonist) of some note. My mother was a Big Band singer with various bands such as Ben Pollack, Les Brown, Hoagy Carmichael, Chico Marx and Mel Torme, Jimmy Dorsey, et al. My mother sang under various names (Armide Whipple and Kim Kimberly). Chico Marx gave her that name when she joined his band. Chico also became my sister’s Godfather. It is an interesting family I have. Unfortunately, all vestiges of talent escaped me. I hold a lot of photos of Clara Whipple. I think I sent you some long ago.


    Greg Johnson

    Landenberg, PA

  2. My first reaction was a sense of desperation, fear, and being on the edge of survival. It’s very powerful!

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