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  • Madge Bellamy and the Stranger Inside

    Madge Bellamy told me that she had spent her life trying to understand the stranger inside of herself.  During our conversations, the subject was never far from her thoughts. In Madge Bellamy: A Friendship Cut Short, Madge talked about her childhood and how she got into show business. In this concluding installment, Madge talks about Hollywood, […]

  • Madge Bellamy: A Friendship Cut Short (Part I)

    Madge Bellamy was the interview that came to me.   I was writing a column for Classic Images magazine in 1989.  She had just published her memoir, A Darling of the Twenties. Her publisher, Vestal Press, called to see whether I’d interested in interviewing Madge for my column. Delighted?  You bet I was. I had […]