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  • The Hairpins and Dead Ends Address Book

    The Hairpins and Dead Ends Address Book

    Old Hollywood still exists, but you have to look for it. While researching Hairpins and Dead Ends, I spent a lot of time in the rat race that is Los Angeles 2017 trying to understand what it was like in, say, 1912 or 1926. As a biographer, it is important for me to visit the […]

  • The truth about Marjorie Ray and her final desperate act

    Her tragic death made front page news in the city she had adopted as her own. San Diego Actress: in Grip of Fatal Tetanus, Delights Audience,┬áthe headlines read. One prick and her life was essentially finished. The San Diego Union had all the details. In mid-July 1924, Marjorie Ray was dressing for her part in […]