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  • Blogging for a Good Book reviews Dangerous Curves atop Hollywood Heels

    Check out this latest review of and recommendation for Dangerous Curves atop Hollywood Heels.  Thanks, Neil!  Glad you enjoyed the book.   Dangerous Curves atop Hollywood Heels: the Lives, Careers and Misfortunes of 14 Hard-Luck Girls of the Silent Screen, by Michael G. Ankerich October 29, 2012 by Neil Bud gets this Halloween week started with a […]

  • Olive Borden: The Sybil Tinkle Connection

    Holidays are great times for reconnecting with old acquaintances. This past weekend, I spent some time with my best friend growing up.  In the early 1980s, we would sit up until all hours of the night researching silent movie stars, wondering who was and who wasn’t still alive. Benjie and I developed a particular interest in Olive […]