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  • Dove Tails — Lee Lunches with Thelma Todd and Visits Jean Harlow on the Set

    Lee Heidorn’s adventures in Hollywood continue. In this installment, she lunches with Thelma Todd and Madge Evans, and visits Jean Harlow on the set of Riffraff. Lee picks up the story from here: A few days later, I spent an afternoon at the Hal Roach Studios with beautiful Thelma Todd. We had lunch in her […]

  • Dove Tails — Meeting Jean Harlow and other Adventures of a Fan Club President

    Not long after Lee Heidorn took over the running of Billie Dove’s fan club, she met one of her all-time favorite movie stars. ¬†Living in Chicago afforded Lee the opportunity to meet many who were making personal appearances along with the opening of their pictures. Said Lee, ¬†“It was surprising to find that very few […]

  • Dove Tales – Let’s Go!

    Dove Tales was the official organ of the Billie Dove Fan Club, an organization that had its roots in the late 1920s. Dedicated to one of Hollywood’s most ravishing movie stars of the 1920s, Billie Dove, the club remained in existence until the death of its long-time president, Lenore Heidorn Foote, in 1999. Lenore, or […]