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  • Interview: William J. Mann tackles murder, morphine, and madness in Tinseltown

    Interview by Michael G. Ankerich   William J. Mann serves up a delicious plate of M’s in his new book, Tinseltown. Mary, Mabel, and Margaret. Murder, Mystery, and Madness. Mary and Momma. I devoured every morsel of the buffet. The unsolved murder of director William Desmond Taylor in 1922 is one of the reasons I stepped […]

  • Sybil Tinkle Found!

    Excerpt from my previous post: Olive Borden: The Sybil Tinkle Connection “In an interview from his home in Texas, a nephew of Sybil Tinkle said his aunt ran away from home in the early 1920s following a disastrous marriage and found her way to California, where she attempted to break into the movies. Once in Hollywood, she […]