Tag: Mary Pickford

  • Hugh’s Little Sweetheart

    By Michael G. Ankerich In 1925, Mary Pickford was not only America’s Little Sweetheart; she was Hugh Allan’s as well. The handsome youth had played bit parts in films for the past several years, when in the spring of 1925, Mary plucked the 23-year-old from the ranks of an extra to play her leading man […]

  • Dove Tails — Meeting Jean Harlow and other Adventures of a Fan Club President

    Not long after Lee Heidorn took over the running of Billie Dove’s fan club, she met one of her all-time favorite movie stars. ¬†Living in Chicago afforded Lee the opportunity to meet many who were making personal appearances along with the opening of their pictures. Said Lee, ¬†“It was surprising to find that very few […]