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  • Gene Vazzana and the Courage of Pearl White

    I doubt that even serial queen Pearl White would have had the courage to undertake the adventure that writer Gene Vazzana tackled. For some mysterous reason, Gene has been on my mind these past several days. Gene, that swashbuckler of sorts who, despite the obstacles in front of him, devoted his life to research and […]

  • Sybil Tinkle Found!

    Excerpt from my previous post: Olive Borden: The Sybil Tinkle Connection “In an interview from his home in Texas, a nephew of Sybil Tinkle said his aunt ran away from home in the early 1920s following a disastrous marriage and found her way to California, where she attempted to break into the movies. Once in Hollywood, she […]

  • Holiday Greetings From Yesteryear — And Today!

    Before there were cell phones and instant messaging, before there was Twitter and Facebook, there was only the mailbox. It was through that little box that I kept in touch with friends who lived in other parts of the country and world. One of the best parts of the holiday season was going to the mailbox every […]

  • Olive Borden: The Sybil Tinkle Connection

    Holidays are great times for reconnecting with old acquaintances. This past weekend, I spent some time with my best friend growing up.  In the early 1980s, we would sit up until all hours of the night researching silent movie stars, wondering who was and who wasn’t still alive. Benjie and I developed a particular interest in Olive […]

  • When Night Time Comes

    This tattered page from a mid-1920s movie magazine has inspired me for decades. It is one of my treasures. When I was writing Dangerous Curves atop Hollywood Heels, the stories of 14 young women who became actresses in silent films and suffered in their personal and professional lives along the way, I kept this poem […]