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  • Madeline Hurlock: Sennett Beauty and Intellectual

    While researching Marion McDonald: The Screen Vamp Who Held the Skulls of Men, I encountered Sennett bathing beauty, Madeline Hurlock, another screen vamp who worked in Sennett-Pathé shorts from 1923 to 1928. Mack Sennett, her boss, called her the “wittiest of the bathing beauties.” Once, when she was asked about relinquishing vamp roles in the movies for […]

  • Marion McDonald: The Screen Vamp Who Held the Skulls of Men

    John Scott, writing for the Los Angeles Times in 1936, took his readers back 10 years to 1926.  How could so many popular film players have simply vanished into thin air. How could their stars have eclipsed so quickly? “You’ll live longer and have a steadier job if you stay out of the movies,” he […]