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  • Bob Harned Remembers His Mother, Actress Sally Phipps

    If you ever wondered what became of silent film actress Sally Phipps, you’re in luck.  Bob Harned has written a thorough and revealing biography of one of the cutest flappers to ever grace the silent screen. Bob is not just any writer; he just happens to be her son! A little about Sally and then I will introduce you […]

  • Remembering Kitty Carlisle and the Jewels of a Jewel

    By Michael G. Ankerich Some of the treasures Kitty Carlisle collected over the years were auctioned yesterday through Sothebys.   The auction house reported today that Kitty’s jewels doubled their overall low estimate. Her Art Deco diamond sautoir brought $146,500 (est. $60/80,000). For me, an old fan of Kitty Carlisle, it’s kind of sad to see […]

  • The Afterlife of Eve Southern

    It was the question mark ( ? ) that got my attention. Over the years, when I researched the lives of silent film players, I would come across the name Eve Southern. Her entry, whether in film encyclopedias or on Internet blogs, would give a date of birth. There was always a question mark for […]